Sam is a 3rd generation goldendoodle. She is 25 pounds and gorgeous. She was born in 2017 and this will be here first litter.

Health History

From her Guardian: “She is intelligent and happy. She is in tune with people and adapts to whatever your mood is. She wants to be around you, but not needy. If it’s time to relax, she will snuggle with you on the couch. She actually watches TV like she understands what is going on. If it’s time to do work outside, she will run and dance around you until she tires out, then she will lay on the grass nearby and watch. She does great on walks of any kind, but tends to tire on jogs over a mile. The only time she barks is when she gets excited when we are playing. She is excellent around small children and other dogs. I’ve had schnauzer’s, Shelties, Weimaraners over my life and she is the smartest, happiest and most obedient pet I’ve ever had.”