Jazz and Ruby

Jazz and Ruby are 25 pound goldendoodles who live in guardian homes in Meridian. They are offspring of Disco and Norris. Jazz lives with Disco and another goldendoodle named “The Dude”. Ruby has her own people.

Here is what Ruby’s owner had to say about Ruby: “She is a lover…She loves to be with her family. She isn’t really food motivated but will learn new tricks in exchange for hugs. She loves to chew bones, but doesn’t chew anything she isn’t supposed to. She is extremely mellow but is always willing to play if you want her to. She is great with all of my children, especially my littlest, who is 3.. She never growls or bites. She is sort of a guard dog…She will bark to let us know if someone she is not familiar with in our yard, but not more than the initial alert. She is great with other dogs. She just loves to be loved. Oh, and she likes popcorn!”