Our Girls


Ashe is a beautiful 19-pound multigenerational goldendoodle from Sam & Auggie! She is very much a Momma's girl and loves to snuggle & cuddle. She still loves her Snuggle Puppy and carries it around with her during the day and takes it to bed with her at night. She is very calm and very well behaved and loves everyone!

Daisy Mae

Daisy Mae is a 35lb multigenerational Goldendoodle from Bella and Ollie of Rocky Road Doodles. She belongs to a guardian family here in the Treasure Valley and is so calm and affectionate. Daisy is more beautiful in person and has the most expressive eyes! She has been health tested through Embark.


Echo is a gorgeous 45 pound big fluff ball of a goldendoodle and her guardian family adores her!  She is so sweet and loves all people- and they love her and her floofiness!


Ember is a family dog and loves her whole family including an older dog and three cats- but she is very attached to her guardian! She learns commands quickly and is eager to please. She loves to play tug-o-war, fetch, tag, and hide & seek! She is extremely snuggly and likes to give hugs with both her arms propped up on her owner's shoulders and snuggling her head in.


Hazel is a 15 pound red Goldendoodle who lives in a guardian house in Boise.  She is super smart, very sweet, and loves to be with her owners.


Kona is our 35 pound goldendoodle who lives in a guardian home in Idaho.  This is a summary of what they had to say about her: "Her coat is beautiful and soft.  She's an incredible dog.  She's patient, loving, a cuddle bug, and so smart.  She catches on so fast.  We are working on nonverbal commands with her right now, using only hand signals and she is doing remarkable.  She keeps constant eye contact, it's pretty cool to watch.  She loves kids and is so good with them.  She's a super hero sidekick to our son, a snuggle bug to our daughter, and a shadow to me."


Lucy is a 10 pound Micro Goldendoodle from Pennsylvania.  She is very pretty and dainty until you take her camping!  She can easily hike 5 miles and chases ground squirrels her size.  Dirt and mud doesn't bother her.  When she goes on hikes more than five miles, she fits right in a backpack!


This is Maisy. She is our 14 pound multigenerational goldendoodle from Lulu and Norris. Maisy is an athlete and a ballerina! She can be seen catching balls mid flight and doing pretty ballerina twirls! She is sweet, calm, affectionate, and smart as well as beautiful!  Maisy is also very good and tolerant with younger children. She’ll let Annabeth (6 years old) carry her around and play with her like a doll!


Born to Sadie and Jett, Millie is 13lbs of mellow, playfulness, affection and goofiness! She is really in tune with her whole guardian family, and she is really eager to please them!


River is a 42 lb Double Doodle (Goldendoodle & Australian Labradoodle) who is highly intelligent and she learns new things very easily. She LOVES road trips and adventures! She loves people and meeting new friends at dog parks. River is curious, loveable, and loves playing in the water. She loves the outdoors, is great with kids, and is a joy to her entire guardian family!


Rue was born to Darla & Ford and will be about 10lbs when fully grown. Rue is incredibly smart and likes to go on walks and loves to play outside and sunbathe. She is also a phenomenal snuggler! She is intrigued by children and loves their attention. She also loves to play with dogs of all sizes. What a great personality bundled into such a small package!


Shelby was born to Ellie & Sherman and is considered a Double Doodle (Goldendoodle & Australian Labradoodle) that will be 30lbs when fully grown. She gets to spend winters in McCall and LOVES the snow! Her owners think she is the coolest dog- very smart and very sweet! Shelby had her health testing completed through Embark.