Stevie Nicks and Wrigley

Stevie Nicks and Wrigley had a litter of 7 Micro Golden Doodles on 5/4!

Stevie is a 15 pound girl with a funny personality.  She is best friends with a German Shepherd.  She loves other dogs and kids.  What is very smart and learns commands very quickly.  When she goes to the park, kids are always wanting to pet her.  She is very patient with them and she loves people.  She loves being outside and exploring.

Wrigley was named after Wrigley Field.  He is only seven pounds.  He is super snuggly. He can’t get enough time playing fetch (which is very appropriate for his name.)  He is a fun, happy doodle!

The pair had three girls and four boys that will be about 11-15 pounds. These puppies will be funny, snuggly, athletic little floof balls!



  • Puppy Selection Date: June 9, 2024
  • Go Home Date: June 29, 2024
1) Orange Boy on Hold
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