Kona and Lockett

Kona and Lockett have one little girl still available!

Kona is a 37 pound goldendoodle from Gracie and Blue.  Her coat is so beautiful and soft.  She’s an incredible dog.  She’s patient, loving, a cuddle bug, and so smart.  She catches on so fast.  She loves kids and is so good with them.  (that’s the golden retriever in her!) She’s a super hero sidekick to the guardian’s son, a snuggle bug to their daughter, and a shadow to her guardian.

Lockett is theZoomieDood on instagram with 27000 followers!   The ZoomieDood is one popular boy and his looks show it!  He is the best doodle ever.  He is a service dog with a flair for adventure.  He loves the snow and he loves the water.  He is super sweet, loving, and gentle with a goofy personality.  He makes his owner laugh virtually every day.  He gets along with everyone and just wants cuddles and treats.  He is always concerned about his owners and checks in on them when they are out.  He’s great on and off leash and his trainer said he’s forever her favorite and is by far the smartest and quickest learn.  He’s honestly just a ridiculously smart and hilarious doodle with a ton of personality.



Price: $2000

  • Puppy Selection Date: October 6, 2023
  • Go Home Date: October 27, 2023
Female with a wavy coat available. Her coat will be nonshedding (Like her parents and grandparents) and easy to maintain. Her dad is a registered service dog and mom has the same service dog temperament.