Ellie and Sherman – Puppies Available!

Ellie, our 25 pound fifth generation blonde goldendoodle, has honeymooned with Sherman, 25 pound multigenerational miniature Australian Labradoodle, for an awesome litter of Double Doodles.  Why the two breeds?  I absolutely love the Australian Labradoodle temperament, but I think when the person who infused Lab, cocker spaniel, poodle, and Portugese Water Dog into the mix, forgot an important ingredient – the Golden Retriever.  The Golden Retriever’s desire to please has to surpass all other breeds.  Why add Australian Labradoodle to the perfection of the goldendoodle?  The Australian Labradoodle was bred as a therapy dog.  What a great mix!  Ellie had her puppies on July 15th!  She has three girls and four boys.

Price: $3500

  • Puppy Selection Date:
  • Go Home Date: September 8, 2021
1) Guardian
2) Mctigue - Female - Idaho
3) Burgess - Male - California
4) Kahn - Either - California
5) Available
6) Available
7) Available