Betty and Moab

Betty and Moab have a girl and a boy available!

Betty is a very calm ultra cream English Goldendoodle training in our service dog program.  She is becoming certified in Canine Good Citizen and Public Access.  She has gone out to multiple restaurants and calmly sits under the table while we eat a meal.  Her goal is to please and she does her job very well!

Moab and his littermates were named after famous deserts around the world! His coat is red with a white blaze on his chest, wavy and oh-so-soft! He is sweet and very calm.  Moab wants to be with his person all the time! He loves people and loves to go on car rides! He stays by our side when we take him off leash on a walk. He thinks leashes are for “dogs”- haha! He is the most easy-going doodle. When we talk to him, he tilts his head as if he understands.

The pair should have some 50-55 pound beauties! Their puppies are a beautiful, soft ultracream!


Price: 2500

  • Puppy Selection Date: April 4, 2024
  • Go Home Date: April 19, 2024
Lego - The largest boy - will be about 50-55 pounds. He is majestic! He prances on a leash and sits without being told. What a calm puppy so full of love!

Rubiks -The largest girl - will be about 50-55 pounds. She is a beauty! She likes snuggles and enjoys training.