Bella and Oliver

Bella, 35 pound English ultracream goldendoodle, was bred to Oliver, 22 pound multigenerational English goldendoodle for a litter of hypoallergenic, ultra cream English goldendoodles that will be about 25 – 30 pounds.  Bella is a beautiful, very calm doodle who loves people and likes to go visit her neighbors who stash treats for her.  Oliver is a very handsome boy who greats everyone who comes into the office of his guardian.  Bella had five puppies on June 5! – Three girls and two boys!

Below is a photo of Haley, Bella’s puppy from her last litter:

Price: $3500

  • Puppy Selection Date:
  • Go Home Date: July 31, 2021
Deposit List:
1) Guardian - Female
2) Odom - Female
3) Saunders - Male
4) Lefcowitz - Either
5) Harmon - If Female; otherwise If male this spot is available