Guardian Program

In order for us to give our dogs the best possible home, it is important for us to limit the number of dogs in our home. Our guardian program is open only to residents of the Idaho Treasure Valley to receive our “pick of the litter puppy”- or from time to time, we may have an adolescent/adult breeding dog as well. These Guardian Home pooches are placed for a fraction of the price of our pet placements. The Guardian Home puppy or dog is part of the Guardian Home’s Family forever, while the breeding rights are retained by Sophie’s Goldendoodles. We do retain legal ownership, but the puppy stays with the guardian. There are time limits on a breeding dog’s career. Once the Guardian Dog has completed his/her breeding career, he/she will be spayed/neutered at our expense, and we will turn over official ownership to the Guardian Family.

Cyndi quit her full-time job as a CPA to make this work the best way possible for her puppies and parents!

Current Guardians Available are Phoebe (Australian Labradoodle) who will be 25 pounds and Jill (Goldendoodle) who will be 15 pounds.


~ Q & A ~

Is there a cost involved to be a guardian home?

Yes. We do not give away our Guardian dogs or puppies. The cost is $500 for Females or $800 for Males. When the Guardian puppy has completed his/her breeding career for us, we will transfer ownership to the Guardian.

Our Guardian Home Families are responsible for the general routine veterinary care and wellness of the Guardian puppy placed with them. This means annual vaccines, feeding high-quality dog food, acceptable grooming (not home grooming), training, regular exercise, socialization, and most importantly all the love, care, and attention possible!

Any breeding related medical costs for the Guardian puppy are the expense of Sophie’s Goldendoodles. Our Guardian Homes are only responsible for the maintenance and medical care just as they would if they had their own dog.


What are the Benefits and Obligations of Being a Guardian Home?

A Guardian Family gets what we consider to the very best Sophie’s Goldendoodles has to offer in a Goldendoodle! This means we choose the puppies we would like to breed based on the best qualities that families have known, loved, and come to expect in one of Sophie’s Goldendoodles.


How long will my puppy be away from me?

We have been working with Guardian Families for 10 years. We understand that many Guardian Families don’t want to be away from their family member during whelping. We work with each Guardian Family to accommodate their wishes. One of our guardian families wants their Girl to be with them after the puppies are born. We pay the Guardian family after the puppies are with us for a week until they are ready for them to be back with us. We provide them instruction on Puppy Culture Protocols and Early Neurological Stimulation so that the puppies have the socialization of a family as well as the learning they normally get from us. Another family works during the week, but would like their doodle with them on the weekend. The puppies and the mother goes to their Guardian family on the weekends. Another family doesn’t want to deal with puppies – that’s fine also, they can come visit their girl once a week to see how she is doing. Another family wants the puppies, but they will be away on vacation for a period of time. We work that out too.

Males are easy! We usually ask the Guardian Family to meet us to breed for an hour and pick him up an hour later unless circumstances prevent us from doing so.


Can I have my own litter of puppies after I have learned everything about breeding from Sophie’s Goldendoodles?

We have a ten year “no breed” clause in our contract for Guardians who want to learn from us to breed their own litters. Sorry!


If you think you’d be interested in becoming part of our Guardian family, please fill out and submit the Application below!