Frequently Asked Questions

We are a full-time professional breeder who carefully selects our dog parents based on temperament and coat. All of our puppies are genetically health tested and passed their OFA exams for hips and elbows. What really separates us from other breeders is our honesty, kindness and willingness to do what is right. So many breeders charge for little things. They say they send home microchipped dogs, but you have to pay to register them; they charge you just to meet you for at the airport (We will meet you at the airport, and even let you borrow our bag as part of our five star service), they make claims that aren’t true (We always try to give you our honest opinion, even if we don’t get your business). We try to stand out and we are told that we do!

The following items come with your Goldendoodle puppy:

  • Go home class on the day your puppy goes home with a certified trainer – Free
  • Six weeks of classes with a certified trainer (with your puppy’s littermates) for only $60
  • 2 pounds of our Eukanuba/Nutranugget puppy food
  • Five year health guarantee
  • 30 Days of Trupanion insurance
  • Early Neurological Stimulation/Manding Training
  • Microchip
  • Puppy blanket with mom Smell
  • Dew claws removed
  • Licensed Vet check
  • Genetic testing of parents
  • Health records and sales agreement
  • Immunization

We offer a lifetime of support for your puppies and sponsor goldendoodle romps for Sophie’s goldendoodles puppies/dogs to get back together at least once per year. We strive to maintain our reputation as the BEST goldendoodle breeder in Idaho and we stand behind our puppies!

Our puppies typically range from $2,400-$3,000 depending on the litter, type, sex, coat and demand.

  • Standards (over 50 pounds) are $2,400
  • Mediums (35 to 50 pounds) are $2,700
  • Miniatures (20 to 35 pounds) are $2,800
  • Petites (Under 20 pounds) are $3,000

Our dogs are bred for a specific market: People that want a superior quality family pet with the benefits of a “show” look.

We breed puppies that have the following qualities: Calm, smart, healthy, and an exquisite deep red or beautiful blonde coat.

We are so confident in the health of our puppies that we offer a 5 year health guarantee against all genetic life threatening diseases.

Deposits put you in line for selection of your puppy.  We do not choose your puppy for you nor do we give you two puppies to choose from. 

Puppy selection is made between five and six weeks – after the puppies have developed their personalities and coats.  We will never ask you to choose a puppy prior to this time.  We schedule about an hour for each family to select their puppy.  If you’d like to bring your children, please do so!  This is a family decision and we hope for it to be a memorable one!  If you are out of the area, we will post personalities of each puppy, photos, and videos.  We will discuss the puppies with you on the phone and keep working with you until you find your perfect puppy.

Once you place a deposit, we put your name on the list on our website under that litter.  That way you can track which number you are in puppy selection as well as who has selected.  It keeps everything above board and honest.

Deposits are nonrefundable unless you specify a certain trait from a specific litter and we don’t have that puppy.  (i.e., you specify a red male from Lucy’s litter and she only has white girls).  Deposits are transferable.  If you just aren’t feeling that one of the current litter is right for you, you can certainly move your deposit.


Puppies can go home the Saturday after they turn 7 weeks old, unless I feel that their mother is still teaching them. We have an hour long “Go Home Puppy Class” with a certified trainer free of charge to our owners on the Saturday the puppies go home.  Your puppy can stay with us until he/she is 8 weeks old.  After 8 weeks, we charge $25 per day to keep your puppy and start training.

All puppies come with a 5 year health warranty.

This warranty requires that your puppy has a full health check within 28 days of taking your puppy home. If for any reason the puppy is deemed to be not be fully healthy, we will replace the puppy with a puppy from our next available litter. However, all shipping charges are non-refundable. 

Why do we have a five year health warranty?

Because we have been doing this for 12 1/2 years, we believe in the health of our dogs, and believe in what we do. Other breeders may offer a five year health guarantee, but they require you to purchase their Life’s Abundance dog food to obtain the warranty. These breeders earn a profit off the dog food they sell.

We only allow those who have a deposit and vested interest in our pups to come visit until they are 6 weeks of age. After the puppies are 6 weeks old, others are allowed to visit and hold the puppies. COVID 19 update: Puppies can only be visited outside once they reach 6 weeks old. 


We hand deliver our pups to the air terminal at the exact time they are required to be there, where they are placed in a climate controlled cargo compartment. That way, puppies spend as little time in a crate as possible. Puppies are never drugged. They are shipped in a safe crate in which they can see out the sides and front with food, water, a toy and a blanket.  We try to only ship puppies that do not have to layover.  If the flight has a layover, we recomment a flight nanny.

Shipping puppies takes a lot of time and planning to get the pup used to their crate and ready for their big adventure.

We can ship puppies within the continental United States. Alaska pups are shipped COD, United, are paid by me and need to be reimbursed before shipping. Airport shipping is typically around $450 which includes a vet-health certificate and shipping crate.

Flight Escort:

For a $275 fee in addition to the lowest cost airline ticket we can obtain, our escort, can deliver your puppy to the closest major airport. We usually ask that you meet our escort at the baggage claim. (The airlines charges an additional $100- $125 in addition to the airline ticket.) We try not to charge more than $450 to have the flight nanny meet you at your airport.

Meet you at the Airport:

We will meet you at the baggage claim if you choose to fly in to Boise to pick up your puppy. We will not charge you to meet you at the airport and we even let our owners borrow our airline carrier if you promise to send it back. If you would like, we can also order you a carrier and have it set up for your travel for an additional charge.