Miniature and Medium Goldendoodle Puppies

Our miniature puppies are $2,700 due to the number of generations it takes to breed a true miniature goldendoodle. (we do not breed 70 pound dogs to 5 pound dogs and call them miniatures). Our mediums, standard bred to miniature (many people refer to these as minis) are $2,400.

Our multigenerational red 25 pound curly girl, Rosie, has been bred to our very handsome 20 pound Boagie.  One would expect this litter to have reds with some white blazes, but Rosie’s last litter had several light colored parti puppies as well as some reds with white blazes.  Rosie makes very beautiful puppies.  Rosie’s puppies were born on Father’s Day – June 21st.  Three boys and three girls!  The three girls are parti cream with red and the three boys are red, apricot, and parti.



Price: $2,700

  • Puppy Selection Date:
  • Go Home Date: August 15, 2020
1) Breeder's Choice
2) Hefty - Female
3) Holloway - Female
4) Neukirch - Male - Venmo
5) Mala - Male (If not male, female) Venmo
6) Bunnell - Either - Paypal

Ellie is an adorable 5th generation 25 pound teddy bear goldendoodle.  She is the daughter of Lucy.  She is so sweet and beautiful.  Sherman is a 25 pound Australian Labradoodle.  (An Australian Labradoodle is more than five generations bred as a therapy dog by a lady in Australia. This is NOT an Australian Shepard.)  Why these two breeds?  I absolutely love our Australian labradoodles, but I think the Australian lady who developed this breed should have infused goldendoodle into the mix.  These two will have a gorgeous litter of multicolor  doodles expected July 9, 2020.  We have bred the Australian Labradoodle to one of our goldendoodles before and the results were stunning!

Price: $2,800

  • Puppy Selection Date: August 13, 2020
  • Go Home Date:
1) Murdoch/Suarez- Male- Venmo
2) Rosse - Flexible - Eagle
3) Newton -Flexible - Meridian

Darla is the most adorable little 15 pound daughter of Jazz and Boagie!  Like her mother, grandmother, and great grandmother, she likes to talk.  She is outgoing and cute and she knows it.  We searched for the perfect match for this little girl on all the doggie dating sites and found Archie, a 10 pound multigenerational red goldendoodle just like her from in Utah.  It was a match made in heaven!  These puppies will be all cute, red, and teddybear-like!  Darla had five puppies on June 22nd – 4 boys and 1 girl!

Price: $3,000

  • Puppy Selection Date: August 1, 2020
  • Go Home Date: August 15, 2020
1) Breeder's Choice - Male
2) Yates -Male - Venmo
3) Krasowski - Either Paypal
4) Jaimie - Venmo
5) Male Available

Bella, our 29 pound multigenerational girl was bred to Koda, 25 pound F1b male from Maple and Murphy.  Bella has such a super personality.  She is smart, calm, and really just a joy to hang out with.  Her photos don’t do her justice.  Koda is a very sweet little guy.  He lives in a guardian home with his mom.  He loves to meet new friends and give dog kisses.  Bella had 7 puppies on June 10 – 3 girls and 4 boys!

Price: $2,700

  • Puppy Selection Date: July 18, 2020
  • Go Home Date: August 1, 2020
1) Howell - Female
2) Erin Burns - Male
3) Reserved - Female
4) Reserved - Male -
5) Raynal - Female -
6) McClain - Either- Venmo

Poppy, 16 pound multigenerational Goldendoodle and Murphy, 20 pound red miniature poodle were bred for a litter of puppies that will be 18 pounds.  Poppy is Ruby’s daughter.  Poppy is adorable.  She is calm, affectionate, and smart.  She had 6 puppies on June 4 – three boys and three girls!


Price: $2,700

  • Puppy Selection Date: July 10, 2020
  • Go Home Date: July 27, 2020
1) Breeders Choice - Pink Girl
2) Denton Family- Green Girl - Paypal
3) McDonough Family- Orange Girl- Paypal
4) Malfom Family - Black Boy
5) McIntyre - California - Blue Boy
6) Reserved Teal Male

* Waitlist Deni Female