Available Puppies

We raise Micro, Petite, miniature, medium, standard teddy bear Goldendoodle puppies to make terrific family pets that are friendly, intelligent, affectionate and easy to train.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to your Goldendoodle doesn’t stop when your puppy goes home at eight weeks. We offer a lifetime of support for your puppies and sponsor goldendoodle romps for Sophie’s goldendoodles puppies/dogs to get back together at least once per year. We strive to maintain our reputation as the BEST goldendoodle breeder in Idaho and we stand behind our puppies!

Miniature & Medium Goldendoodles

In order to breed Micro puppies, we have used studs from Poshdoodles.com in Utah. The smaller sized moms have smaller litters.  These puppies range in size from 10 pounds to 18 pounds.  As we breed for the microgoldendoodles, we try to keep the personality of the goldendoodle.  We don’t breed F1bb Micro goldendoodles since they are 87% poodle and feel that at that point, you would be better off to purchase a miniature poodle as your new family member.  

Our miniature puppies are considered miniature due to the number of generations it takes to breed a true miniature goldendoodle (we do not breed 70 pound dogs to 5 pound dogs and call them miniatures).  I’ve seen way too many 70 pound “miniature goldendoodles” from breeders who breed with that degree of variation in the size.  

Our medium goldendoodles are standard bred to miniature (some breeders incorrectly refer to these as minis ) We do not claim to breed F1 miniature goldendoodles because they do not exist.  If you take a 70 pound female and a 10 pound miniature poodle stud, the total weight is 80 pounds.  The average is 40 pounds.  This is the size your puppy will be.  We consider that a medium goldendoodle.  

For more information on our miniature multigenerational Australian Labradoodles, please go to EagleRidgeAustralianLabradoodles.com

Standard Goldendoodles

We will be breeding for the very calm and intelligent temperament necessary for therapy dogs in our English goldendoodles, our deep red standard goldendoodles, and our parti-factored goldendoodles.